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Love For Dogs is a rescue that consists of a system of volunteers and foster homes located in and around Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ. We focus on small dogs with medical needs, undersocialized as well as fospice. We are non-profit, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to rescuing dogs in need from our surrounding communities. These dogs may be shy, sick, injured, orphaned, or just old... all are at risk of euthanasia. We bring these dogs into loving and skilled foster homes where they receive the love and care needed to be adopted into wonderful forever homes, or to spend their final days.


We also serve our community by providing resources and help on responsible dog ownership. We believe no dog should die in a shelter or be unloved - they have so much love to give. From the puppy to the hospice dogs, every dog deserves their own loving family.

Our founder started fostering over a dozen years ago and fell in love with each and every dog that passed through their home. She helped run a rescue in California and now runs this one in Arizona. Our founder has a special place in her heart for fospice and under-socialized dogs.

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At Love For Dogs, we can't save lives if we don't have foster homes - we supply everything - contact us today to see how you can help.

We need volunteers all the time - at adoption events, to transport, to deliver supplies - contact us to find out more.


You can support us on Amazon by purchasing from our Amazon wishlist

We take Paypal at the link near the top and Venmo


We are a 501(c)3 non profit where donations are tax deductible. We are also an all volunteer organization where all money goes back to helping more dogs, no one gets a salary and we don't pay for pets to sit in cages.

Helpful Info

If you are looking to adopt one of our dogs, please answer some questions on our website at so a volunteer can reach out. We are all foster based so meet and greets depend on foster availability and there is no building you can come see dogs at.



Help To Keep Your Pet

We rarely take in strays – and if we do they are reported on the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control map; if you’ve found a dog, please post there, Next Door, and Straydar & Straydars on Facebook. Put up signs!

Any vet will scan for a chip for free.

If you’ve lost a dog, fill out the form on the HARTT website immediately, put out unwashed laundry/food/water and all the steps above for strays. Call the chip company to report and tell the rescue if that’s where you got your dogs. Beware of scams asking you to send a code – don’t do it.

Owner surrenders:

Shelters are not taking owner surrenders & most rescues are full.

We only take small dogs <20lbs and do not often take owner surrenders. Let us know all the info you have – size, age, fixed, shots up to date, why rehoming, behavior issues, does it get along with cats, kids, other dog, send a picture

If you’ve become homeless with pets contact

If you need other help like pet deposits or medical bills, contact

If you need pet food: or or


If you are rehoming your pet here are some resources:,,, has a list of rescues – reach out.

Find a board and care if time is of the essence and you’re running out of time.

If you need behavior / training help:

Online: - he has free info and training on YouTube


Get in touch with Love For Dogs to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.
Adopt. Foster. Volunteer. Donate.

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